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Joe Hague cycled off with a bike as part of a competition run by Taylor Shaw in our canteen.

Isobel Temple and Tabitha Hempshall both won prices in the competition.

The prize was presented by Head teacher Dale Barrowclough along with our kitchen manager Carole Jones.

Tickets available from reception or ringing  0114 234 8805

I mentioned in one of my initial letters to you that it was likely that the school would have a new uniform for September. I can now confirm that this is the case. The main reason for the change is that the current uniform is untidy and that many pupils dislike it. Further, the school finds it problematic enforcing the current uniform policy and many parents find it difficult to find grey uniform. From September the uniform will consist of the following.



• Black school branded blazer
• Plain long sleeved white collared shirt with a top button
• School branded clip on tie
• Black tailored single pleat trousers
• Smart all black shoes with no logos


• Black school branded blazer
• Plain long sleeved white collared shirt with a top button
• School branded clip on tie
• Black tailored single pleat trousers
Knee length tailored skirt
• Plain black 40 denier tights
• Smart all black shoes with no logos

The following are not allowed

• Leggings of any kind (incl. Jeggings)
• Footless tights
• Jeans or denim items
• Chinos
• Trainers
• Casual shoes
• Cross over utility shoes

pdf Acceptable shoes, skirts and trousers

pdf Suitable Footwear available form Wynsors shoes

I intend to place on the school website examples of what is and what isn’t acceptable.

PE Kit

• Current PE kit can be worn throughout the next academic year only
• New branded PE round neck T-shirt
• New branded PE T-shirts can be purchased through Pinders
• Current branded PE kit can be bought through Pinders at half price
Piercings (policy informed by health and safety criteria)
• Discreet piercings will be allowed e.g. 1 pair of stud earrings
• No stretchers or bar piercings


• No extreme unnatural hair colours
• No tram lines or Mohican style cuts

I have listened to parents who express concern regarding the cost associated with a change in uniform. In particular current Year 10 pupils who will have changed uniform three times since starting secondary school. I have been fortunate enough to secure funding, outside of the school budget, to enable me to provide current pupils who will be on roll in September with a free blazer and tie. This, I hope will alleviate any financial burden associated with the change. 

Our uniform suppliers, Pinders have agreed to set up a ‘pop up’ shop in school on the 7th & 8th July 3.00 – 6.30pm. During these opening times parents and pupils are able to try on and order their blazer. We will also make available a brief catalogue of shoes that are acceptable as school footwear. Prices range from below £10 to £40. 

We intend to issue each child with a voucher that can be cashed in when collecting both the blazer and tie.

It is my hope that the new uniform works out to be cheaper than what you would have spent for September without the change. I also hope that it is cheaper to replace as your child grows. 

I can assure you that such a change will have an enormous effect on the ethos of the school. Pupils who have already seen the uniform are very excited about it.

Once again please feel free to contact me regarding any issue way may have regarding this change.



Forge Valley held it’s first annual Spelling Bee during the last half term. Year 7 and Year 8 students competed in-class competitions to find the best two spellers in their forms. These then went through a grand final. This was held in the main hall in two halves. First the Year 8’s got their final followed by the Year 7s. They were watched by their entire year group, a daunting prospect for the contestants.

Each student was given an initial ten words to spell. The top performers in each year then went onto a ‘sudden death’ competition where one misspelling spelt elimination from the competition. The auditorium was a buzz throughout, resembling a football crowd at times, with support being given to all the students.

After many words, the contest eventually produced winners in the shape of George Kirk from Year 7 and Adam Whelan from Year 8. We’re constantly told that girls perform better than boys. Most of the contestants were boys and all the finalists were male, a really positive message. Staff even got a chance to prove their metal in a keenly fought competition, Mr Grover emerging as the winner.

All participants received a book and certificate but the real prize was the excellent attitudes of the students towards literacy and spelling. Well done to all those who took part for making it such a successful event.



As part of Literacy Focus Week, Gez Walsh visited the school on 1st April to work with Year 7 and Year 8 pupils. His performance poetry had pupils on the edge of their seats and gave them a different perspective of how writing can be creative. He worked with a small group of Year 7 and Year 8 pupils during the day looking at writing poems and stories before we invited some of our Year 5s and 6s from the Family of Schools. A great day was had by all and created a real buzz around school.

Our Year 9 Literacy Leaders are fully underway with their training which will see them become ambassadors for good literacy practice across the school and see them supporting some of our younger pupils with their reading and writing. Their first set of activities have been truly fantastic and we are very excited about the potential being shown by the pupils. They will be planning a literacy event to take place in the summer term and will soon be working with some of our Year 7 pupils on their reading.



For seven years the Big Challenge has encouraged Sheffield school and college students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

This year Forge Valley were represented by the Jameo company. It’s directors Ellie Barren Beck, Maia Burton, Jessica Cawthorne, Anna Trask and Olivia Wiseman are all students at Forge Valley. They run a successful business designing and selling jewellery and handmade unique gifts.

Mentored by Mrs Bloomer, the team won two categories at the prestigious awards ceremony. They walked off with Best Website ( and best continuing business.

‘We have learnt so much from running Jameo. The Big Challenge has given us skills which you can’t get anywhere else’



Deal or No Deal came to our Learning Resource Centre earlier this term when over 20 students took part in a special edition of the television show. Students had to answer a question on literature to be able to open their box. Each box contained prizes, ranging from shopping vouchers to boxes of sweets and of course every student who took part received a book.

All of the contestants who took part had received a score above 90% on their Accelerated Reader tests during the previous half term. It proved extremely popular with everyone and had loads of ‘disciples’ crowded around the walkways overlooking the LRC. Unfortunately Noel couldn’t be with us , but the event was expertly managed and arranged by our librarians Mrs Hargreaves and Mrs Roxborough.

This term’s draw will shortly take place, the winner getting an Easter Egg. Remember, when you have read a book to take a quiz on the book in the LRC. You too could win a prize. 


Students from Forge Valley, Tapton, Chaucer and Southey Green schools wowed the crowds at the Sheffield Music Service hub concert at the Sheffield City Hall with their performance of Gamelan music.


A Gamelan is a musical ensemble from Indonesia, typically from the islands of Bali or Java, featuring a variety of instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs; bamboo flutes, bowed and plucked strings.

Students from all the schools spent a day rehearsing at Forge Valley school before the big day learning the intricacies of the various instruments.

  • Tour de France Winners

    Tour de France Winners

  • Showstoppers


  • New School Uniform

    New School Uniform

  • Spelling Bee

    Spelling Bee

  • Gez Walsh

    Gez Walsh

  • Big Challenge

    Big Challenge

  • Deal or No Deal

    Deal or No Deal

  • Gamelan


Parents Evenings

Year 11

Tuesday 14th October - 4pm to 6.30pm

Year 13

Thursday 23rd October - 4pm to 6.30pm

Access to Car Park

Due to student health & safety issues, the access gates to the main school car park will be closed from 8.20am and 3.10pm every day. 


During these times vehicles may use the lower car park.


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20 Oct 2014 - 24 Oct 2014
Fireworks Safety Assembly


20 Oct 2014 - 24 Oct 2014
Lesson Observation Window Staff Appraisal


27 Oct 2014 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Music School Event


28 Oct 2014 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Musci School Event


03 Nov 2014 - 07 Nov 2014
Year Council Meetings

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