Our canteen is open at break times and lunch serving a variety of snacks, sandwiches and hot meals. Our cashless catering system means that pupils no longer have to carry cash around all day and their account is debited by use of a finger scan when purchasing food. Parents can also top up their child's account on-line using ParentPay, our on-line payments system.


The meals offered are on a 3 week rota.


The free meal price in the Secondary sector at £2.03 will ensure that a complete meal is available for pupils who are eligible for a free meal but also seeks to encourage more pupils to opt for this nutritionally complete offer.




Price List

ParentPay is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card.  You can also pay in cash at local PayPoint stores.


Hundreds of thousands of parents use ParentPay to pay schools online. It is used to make cashless payments in schools for dinner money and activities like trips, clubs and music lessons.


Frequently Asked Questions


Parent Pay Website


If you have any problems using Parent Pay please contact :


Mrs Aistrop (0114 234 8805 ext 2625)


Wood Lane, Stannington

Sheffield S6 5HG

(0114) 234 8805