Y11 Parents Information Evening

November 2017




Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any revision sessions available for my child?




Currently there are period 6 sessions available for most pupils. Pupils will currently be focusing on Science and options subjects.


Sixty of our pupils shall be participating in additional Maths from Monday 6th November. Further details of this will follow during Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 25th October from your child’s Maths teacher.


Additional sessions in English will commence after the Christmas break.


Pupils have also been told to discuss with their class teachers if there is a session running that they would like to attend and have not been invited to. All pupils will be rewarded for their attendance through prom points.


There will also be important revision sessions running throughout the Easter and June half-term holidays. Timetables will be available to pupils and parents well in advance of these sessions. We have run these classes at Forge Valley for the last few years and there is a clear correlation between attendance to these sessions and exam success.


How many reports should I expect this year?


An interim report containing predicted grades and Learner Levels will be issued to parents in the first week back after half-term (W/C 6th November).


A full report including grades and detailed comments from each subject will be issued in the final week before Christmas. This will use data from the mock exam week W/C 13th and 20th November.


Further interim reports will also be issued in February, March, April and May (one per half-term).




Where can I access good quality revision materials?


School have already purchased and distributed a number of revision textbooks in English, Maths and Science. Additional ones are available to purchase and pupils should consult class teachers in all subjects to discover more details.


Revision materials and set-texts are also available for sale this evening.


Additionally, there are many materials to be found on the school website in the ‘Teaching and Learning’, ‘Key Stage 4 Curriculum’ tab. This is an ongoing area of the website which is being regularly updated with more accessible materials.


When will pupils be sitting Mock Exams?


In Year 11 mock exams will take place in the Main Hall in preparation for the final examinations in May/June.


Mock Week One – W/C 13/11/17 and 20/11/17

Mock Week Two - W/C 26/02/18

Mock Week Three – W/C 16/04/18 (Maths and English only – other subject areas may use if they feel necessary, pupils and parents will be notified well in advance).


Other informal mocks may be completed in lessons in subject areas. Notice will always be given where possible.



Key Contacts


Pastoral/Behavioural Issues – Joy Price – Year 11 Manager

Tel: 01142 348805 | Ext 2633


Progress – John Watson – Associate Assistant Headteacher

Tel: 01142 348805 | Ext 2655




Wood Lane, Stannington

Sheffield S6 5HG

(0114) 234 8805